Mistakes to Avoid When Washing and Cleansing Your Face

by s1h2o3p

Every day, face washing is something that we do involuntarily. It just happens naturally and it is just amazing how it has become embedded in our minds and to our daily skin care routines to an extent that one can forget to do anything but not washing his or her face in the morning. But here is an interesting twist to a routine that everyone loves doing so much.

Are you making mistakes without knowing whenever you are washing your face? In other words; are you doing it rightly? Most people believe when it comes to washing and cleansing their face, they are doing it expertly until that moment a skin care expert or a dermatologist sheds some light into just how it should be done. Usually, there is an assortment of facial care products which should accompany face washing and this is where the confusion begins.

Depending on a brand you are loyal to, cleansing your face say every fortnight and washing it every morning should be premised on the right methods.  While every product has user guide, there will be times when getting first-hand information especially from skin care experts or cosmetic manufacturers surpasses everything. This is because they are in a better position to understand what factors determine a top quality facial cleanser. Before you can get started, take a look at the following prospects;


  • How often should you wash your face? Should it be done in the morning and evening or during both times? It is important to wash your face the first thing in the morning. I will take you through how best it should be done later on in this post.
  • Understanding your skin type is paramount when it comes to facial cleansing. This is because people have different types of skin which in turn determine the type of products one should use. Using a product that is not suitable for your skin type can cause a reactive response such as skin rushes.
  • Washing and cleansing your face shouldn’t be something to forget because at the end of it all, it creates the right mood to face the day.

Therefore, below are some mistakes to avoid when washing or cleansing your face;


Applying wrong facial cleansers

Face washing is agreeably a daily routine we should all partake on. However, while at it, we should make sure to use the right kind of cleansers. Cleansers for facial skin are available in variety and diversity of ingredients notwithstanding. Avoid way too strong cleansers that will cause skin irritation. Very strong cleansers lather a lot and one might think you are using a shampoo.


Skipping A.M Cleansing

In as much as this may be a temptation especially after waking up feeling fresh, skipping not washing your face and even skipping using a cleanser in the morning is not advisable. It is imperative to stop by the sink and clean off makeup you applied before going to bed. This will enhance penetration products like sunscreen for maximum skin protection.



While this is equally meant to cleanse the skin, it is practically ideal after a fortnight to avoid skin damage. This is because exfoliates have even stronger cleansing agents and using them daily is not anywhere close to safe.


  • Important to wash your face the first thing in the morning.
  • Understanding your skin type is paramount when it comes to facial cleansing.
  • Face washing is agreeably a daily routine.
  • Skipping using a cleanser in the morning is not advisable.
  • Do not over-exfoliate.


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